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Carestream Health is a world leader in medical imaging, dental, molecular and industry for over 100 years, inheriting the X-ray business from Kodak. The deep knowledge of diagnostic imaging puts it in a privileged position to understand the typical needs of healthcare professionals and to help them efficiently ferried the departments of digital imaging devices to integrated solutions and networking. The first X-ray film produced in the world, the first dry laser printer, the first wireless DR detector: achievements are due to constant research that has led the company to record more than 1,000 patents.

Carestream Health continues to make history with digital solutions that are among the most appreciated in the sector, giving marked improvements of image quality, workflow and productivity in customer value. Carestream has been recognized in the award "Medical Company of the Year 2010" by Frost and Sullivan.

Halley Healthcare CR CARESTREAM


Halley Healthcare Directview Vita CR System

Directview Vita CR System

The Vita CR System is an affordable, compact, tabletop imaging solution designed specifically for small hospitals, clinics and specialty practices.

  • Compact footprint fits easily into small areas
  • Light weight and portable makes it ideal for mobile units
  • Simple integration into your current workflow

Software options:
Image Suite Software with Vita CR (PDF)
Long-Length Imaging Software (PDF)
Examion Software for the veterinary market (PDF)

Halley Healthcare Point-of-Care CR 360 System

Point-of-Care CR 360 System

Affordable. Robust. Compact.
This next-generation CR solution is designed to fit the needs of small to medium-sized healthcare facilities and clinics.

  • Provides fast and easy access to quality images at an affordable price
  • Performs diagnostic imaging functions at the point of patient care with a small footprint
Halley Healthcare Point-of-care CR-ITX 560 System

Point-of-care CR-ITX 560 System

This compact, mobile CR X-ray unit brings digital x-ray imaging directly to the patient, where immediate capture and access to patient images is vital to accurate, timely diagnoses. Self-contained and wireless, this device provides instant digital images on site while communicating with the HCIS/RIS back home for mobile x-ray and CR integration that is powerful, convenient, and affordable. The CR-ITX 560 System accelerates clinical workflow and helps improve productivity, with lightweight, single-plate CR reader, x-ray generator, PC-based workstation with touch-screen monitor, and portable battery source.
* Not available in the US

Halley Healthcare Directview Max CR System

Directview Max CR System

The DIRECTVIEW Max CR System maximizes throughput, productivity and patient satisfaction.

  • Reduces radiographer queuing and allows images to be forwarded directly to multiple networks and the exam room.
  • Offers faster throughput, easier cassette loading, expanded software capabilities, and reduced service access requirements for greater placement flexibility.

* Formerly named DIRECTVIEW CR 975

Halley Healthcare Directview Elite CR System

Directview Elite CR System

The DIRECTVIEW Elite CR System is designed for distributed and central CR applications where image quality, rapid image availability, lower costs and high departmental productivity are paramount.

  • Produces high quality images with a footprint that is compact enough to be placed in an x-ray room or control console room.
  • Integrates a central database with multiple workstations to improve workflow, productivity and patient throughput.
Halley Healthcare Directview Classic CR System

Directview Classic CR System

Improve your workflow and boost productivity with the compact, single-cassette DIRECTVIEW Classic CR system.

  • Streamlines workflow for higher productivity and patient throughput.
  • Produces high-quality images and allows placement in any x-ray room or x-ray control console room.