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Halley Healthcare Gateway Router

RamSoft Gateway is an intuitive PC-Based DICOM product that provides unmatched functional flexibility and superior data management; making it an ideal solution for all your imaging needs. Whether you are reading studies, assuring the quality of your exams, or simply reviewing documents, Gateway DICOM Routers are versatile enough to assist you in getting the job done right.

Used each day by thousands of users worldwide, Gateway DICOM Routers are known for reliability and flexibility in all types of clinical environments. Products come in versions specially designed to meet even the most demanding production environments; at a very attractive price.

While other DICOM solutions hold you back, you can expect Gateway to help you work by streamlining your everyday tasks.


RamSoft Gateway Router Archiving Solution
Gateway Router was not only designed for routing images but also as an archiving solution with no limits on storage, number of studies or number of modalities, including mammography. Sites have the ability to archive their images on a PC or server. Our Gateway Router is so robust and flexible that it can work with multiple storage volumes, any number of hard drives, NAS or SAN, and can even store images on a USB flash drive.


Rapid Routing
Rapid Routing is proprietary RamSoft technology that opens up additional lines of communications from the modalities to the PACS to accelerate the transfer of study images and data over an internet connection.  Rapid Routing is an economical solution for practices who have maxed out their bandwidth or in instances, such as Teleradiology, where the timely processing of STAT studies is crucial for diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

Custom Scriptable Routing Rules
Allow for custom routing and processing to be performed using almost any tag in a DICOM object that is being received or transmitted. This can eliminate time consuming tasks that would otherwise be performed by a QC / post-processing tech.

Concerned About HIPAA and Security?
The Gateway DICOM Router fits right into your secure infrastructure and gives you peace of mind without exposing security holes.

TLS Encryption
Unlike many other router vendors out there, we have taken great care to make sure that your data remains secure during transmission. Full TLS encryption secures communication over the Internet to all other compliant devices.


Edit Demographics
Patient demographics and study information can be edited right from the router's easy-to-use search screen. This allows for quick and simple correction of common mistakes.

Up and Running in Less Than 5 Minutes
We designed Gateway DICOM Router with simplicity in mind. Installation and setup is quick and painless, allowing you to get on with your day instead of dealing with pesky IT issues.

Auto Image Compression
Breathe new life into your modalities that don't support image compression. By routing your images through the Gateway, you will be able compress your data using the latest in JPEG image compression.

Automatic Prior Exam Routing
Routing priors along with new incoming exams is a cinch with Gateway DICOM Router. Images stored on any DICOM compliant device, can be automatically retrieved and sent to any destination.

Send and Receive Simultaneously
Gateway DICOM Router can handle any number of connected devices. By using true multi-threading technology, the load a router can handle is only limited by the hardware and bandwidth it is running on.

Automatic Window/Level and Filtering
Window/Level using the histogram method can be applied to images as they are sent through the router. Filters, such as the Median filter, can be used to remove grid lines and noise.

Automatic DICOM Field Mapping
Gateway DICOM Router eliminates unreliable DICOM mapping scripts and unmanaged third-party solutions.

Schedules VCR Style Routing
Gateway DICOM Router's routing mechanism is so flexible that it allows you to route studies by Status, Modality, Faculty, Physicians, Times, Dates, AE title and many other DICOM tags.

Communication Logs
Knowing the study transmission status is critical. This is why Gateway DICOM Router maintains a list of all the studies that are currently being transferred, are queued up to be transferred, or have been transferred out of the system.