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Carestream Health is a world leader in medical imaging, dental, molecular and industry for over 100 years, inheriting the X-ray business from Kodak. The deep knowledge of diagnostic imaging puts it in a privileged position to understand the typical needs of healthcare professionals and to help them efficiently ferried the departments of digital imaging devices to integrated solutions and networking. The first X-ray film produced in the world, the first dry laser printer, the first wireless DR detector: achievements are due to constant research that has led the company to record more than 1,000 patents.

Carestream Health continues to make history with digital solutions that are among the most appreciated in the sector, giving marked improvements of image quality, workflow and productivity in customer value. Carestream has been recognized in the award "Medical Company of the Year 2010" by Frost and Sullivan.

Halley Healthcare DR CARESTREAM


Halley Healthcare Carestream DRX-1 System

Carestream DRX-1 System

It fits, it's fast and cost-effective.
Convert to DR workflow and productivity quickly, easily and affordably with the CARESTREAM DRX-1 System—featuring the world's first cassette-sized wireless DR detector that fits your existing equipment.
The lightweight DRX-1 detector simply slides into your table or wall-stand bucky, or can be used for tabletop projections, just like a conventional cassette. It also serves as the center-point of the DRX Family—a complete line of innovative DR products that includes the DRX Mobile Retrofit Kit and DRX-Evolution modular DR suite.

Halley Healthcare Carestream DRX-Evolution

Carestream DRX-Evolution

Freedom and flexibility with three configurations.
The CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution is a versatile digital radiography system with configurable, modular components to fit your space, procedures, workflow and budget.
Choose from one, two or three detector options to perform a wide variety of general radiography exams—including trauma—with remarkable convenience, productivity and patient comfort. The DRX-Evolution is powered by the cassette-sized wireless  CARESTREAM DRX-1  detector and includes fully automated, hybrid or standard configuration options.

Halley Healthcare Directview DR 9500 System

Directview DR 9500 System

The unique, ceiling-mounted U-arm design of the DIRECTVIEW DR 9500 provides a dual detector system, ensuring that the Bucky and the tube stay aligned for enhanced flexibility and productivity. The all-in-one U-arm moves around the patient, simplifying patient positioning and improving workflow for the technologist.

  • Designed with three operator interfaces, located in convenient locations to minimize technologist relocation during image capture.
  • Patient data from the HIS/RIS is transferred (via DICOM Work List) to the DR System Operator Console, as well as to the two operator interfaces on the U-arm.
Halley Healthcare Carestream DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit

Carestream DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit

It fits, it's fast and cost-effective.
Upgrade your existing mobile CR system to DR technology within hours using the CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit. Designed to fit existing mobile units, the kit provides a non-invasive, customized retrofit solution. Its wireless digital capability increases on-site productivity and provides immediate image access in the field.

  • Upgrades existing equipment in a matter of hours
  • Easy to use, minimal training necessary
  • Wireless capability improves
  • Self-powered and rechargeable