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Halley Healthcare Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional is a voice recognition system that uses adaptive algorithms that reconstruct the language based on the frequency of associations between words. It also has a medical vocabulary with phonetic pronunciations of many basic technical and scientific words, recognizing also the speaker's tone of voice.

It requires a very short period of training; in a few minutes you can use it. The system continuously adapts to the speaker's tone of voice, reducing the possibility of error.

Simply speaking into the microphone, you can perform all these tasks on your PC:

  • Dictate, edit and format the report
  • Create custom voice commands to automate pre-built standard reports
  • Personalilze commands and the vocabulary based on the terminology and the exclusive workflow of your company
  • Schedule appointments and meetings
  • Compose, send and manage e-mail
  • Looking for something on the Web or on the desktop
  • Use a digital recorder (not included) to record notes and transcribe them automatically when you return to your PC
  • Perform many other tasks with your voice

Dragon Professional contains a medical dictionary with terms of the scientific field.


Dictation Fast and accurate: you can dictate in a natural way to create documents, spreadsheets, e-mail address and generate texts at speed three times faster than typing, with a precision up to 99%.

  • You can play back the dictation with fast forward and backward functionalities and with speed and volume control, to simplify the spell check.
  • You can improve the results over time; Dragon updates automatically the voice profile based on the sessions of dictation and corrections. Set Dragon to fit quickly to your voice and your style of writing, "studying" your e-mail messages and documents selected.

Superior performance: NEW! Dragon recognizes more quickly the commands and dictation, allowing you to do everything more quickly. It reached a much higher level of accuracy, reducing recognition errors. It detects hardware resources and automatically sets the recommended configuration to ensure optimum performance.

It works with most Windows applications: Use Dragon practically with any Windows® application to make your working days really productive. Dictate, edit and format in Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Outlook® or OpenOffice Writer®. Find the information you need on the Web using Internet Explorer® or Mozilla® Firefox®. Dragon interacts also with industry-specific software.

Command your computer by voice: use simple voice commands to create files, send e-mail, schedule meetings, open and close applications or folders, switch between windows, save and convert documents, search the Web and the desktop rapidly than ever. NEW! Additional Voice Shortcuts in Dragon: Dragon performs any statement you pronounce. Dragon includes a greater number of voice commands, each of which allows you to play more you can do with the mouse or keyboard and can be delivered at any time, regardless of any active screen. Create e-mail, schedule meetings, search on the Web or on your desktop using simple voice commands.

Create customized commands to reduce the execution time: create special voice commands that allow you to fill out forms, insert text and images used frequently or automate business processes.

Similar to Visual Basic for Applications, you can create these powerful commands:

  • To automate all the specific functions of the users to optimize the usual operations
  • To control different parts of the application, such as menus and toolbars
  • To manage your own modules or dialog boxes

Easy access to the main functions: NEW! The Dragon sidebar allows users to access important vocal controls and suggestions in a convenient location on the desktop. Its content changes automatically according to the active window.

Create customized vocabularies: Add unique names, acronyms and terminology of your business or your industry and Dragon recognizes words and phrases you use. You can import and share company-wide custom vocabularies and word lists.

Maximum productivity, anytime, anywhere: Dragon remains in step with your ideas, instantly converting them into text, with no typos! So you can focus on content rather than type and correct the spelling to improve quality and create more detailed documents. For maximum convenience, you can:

  • Use a wireless microphone (not included) to increase comfort and mobility in the office or traveling. Reach a completely new level of multitasking.
  • Dictate memos using a digital recorder (not included) to capture your thoughts just come to mind. Dragon automatically transcribes voice recording when you return to your PC.

NEW! The creation a user profile for a digital recorder and the addition of a profile as a new audio source has never been so easy or quick. In addition, Dragon directly accepts a greater number of audio file formats, including files. DSS. DS2, without conversion.

The use of professional microphones improves system performance.