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Halley Healthcare Gateway Mammo Viewer

Gateway Mammo Viewer is an FDA approved, IHE mammography profile compliant software workstation. It combines the features previously available only in dedicated mammography workstations with the flexibility of a multi-modality radiology workstation. Available as a software only solution or a bundled 3 or 4 monitor workstation, Gateway Mammo Viewer is competitively priced so that you can get a complete workstation up and running at your site for under $42K.

Gateway Mammo Viewer Features:

Gateway Mammo Viewer provides the enhanced functionality your facility requires in the following key areas:

Viewing Protocols
Gateway Mammo's viewing protocol technology goes beyond what is possible with manual film hanging to provide a customized viewing experience for each radiologist. By automatically matching preferences to the type of study you are reading and the hardware you are working on, your productivity will increase immediately.

Auto Size
Images are automatically sized to best fit, true size, or pixel size regardless of the mammography unit that acquired the images. This allows for easy comparison of current and prior studies from different vendors including Fuji, GE, Hologic, Konica, and Siemens.

Multi-Monitor Support
Gateway can handle any multi-monitor setup including mixed resolutions and color depths to allow mammography to be easily compared with MR and Ultrasound.

Relevant Prior Matching
An administrator can define rules that Gateway will use to pre-fetch clinically relevant priors for new studies that have arrived in the system. Studies can be pulled from multiple DICOM archives and pushed to other DICOM workstations or PACS.

CD/DVD Burning
Burn CDs and DVDs with patient data and images including our built-in CD viewer.

Gateway Mammo Viewer includes the powerful routing features of Gateway DICOM Router. This means that images can be routed to any number of workstations or PACS and DICOM tags can be easily corrected prior to routing.

Gateway Mammo Viewer can archive your images, limited only by available storage space. RamSoft can deliver a complete workstation with as much as 6TB of useable internal storage without requiring a separate server. A secondary NAS can be used as a redundant archive.

Gateway Mammo Viewer Options:

Document Scanning
Gateway's document scanning and management saves you time and money by eliminating those confusing stacks of paper from around the office. You will always have full access to your documents any time, any where, at the click of a button. No more worrying about document loss or costly filing and retrieval. RamSoft's document scanning makes accessing important information quick and easy.

DICOM print
Printing is no longer a hassle. Gateway's easy to use print setup allows you to print films directly to any DICOM mammography printer with a few simple clicks.

Gateway Mammo Viewer works with all mammography systems and printers. CAD results are supported from Hologic and iCAD. Desktop and HL7 integration is available with mammography information systems including MagView, MRS, and PenRad. Further, MRI CAD integration is available with vendors including Dynacad and Sentinel. RamSoft offers the most flexible integration options in the industry, so please contact us if your integration needs are a bit different.