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The RamSoft Referring Physician Portal allows referring physicians to easily request exams online*, view exam status and access PDF format reports and images from anywhere at anytime. Using the latest in Web 2.0 technology, this cutting edge application provides unseen levels of interactivity while maintaining the ease of use, security and HIPAA compliance you've come to expect from RamSoft. Whether you are on the go or working from the office, your data is always a click away.

Easy to adopt, easy to use and free of Downloads.
Nothing new to learn! Ramsoft made ​​just right so that "things work", and that's it. Each feature is easily accessible with a click, from a single screen and without having to install any Java application or otherwise. It works with any browser and operating system, Windows, Macs and Linux. Wherever there is an internet connection, through a flash-based viewer that provides images and streaming reports, will be best visualized the details also.

* Available on PowerServer RIS/PACS


Enhanced Physician Portal
The RamSoft Referring Physician Portal offers simple viewing of images and exam results. It maintains the interactivity and ease of use you've come to expect but now adds image viewing on demand and report functionally previously available only in the full PACS viewer.

Simple to Adopt, Easy to Use, and No Downloads
Your referring physicians are busy and they don't want to spend valuable time learning a new system. This is why RamSoft has made sure that "things just work" with the Referring Physician Portal, right from the time they log in. Every feature is easily accessible with one click, from a single screen. This no-menu, no-clutter design ensures physicians feel comfortable with the application with almost zero training. And to make it even better, all of this is achieved without installing a Java client or any other application – it works on any browser and on any web-enabled device.

Works on Windows, Macs and Linux
By using platform-independent web technologies, RamSoft made sure that your referrals are not at the mercy of the technologies deployed at various referring practices. The Portal works on any operating system, anywhere there is an internet connection. No more lost referrals due to technological incompatibility.

Perfect Reports Every Time
The Referring Physician Portal uses the media-rich capabilities of Web 2.0 technology to display reports and images the way they were meant to be viewed. All result details are accurately presented in easily accessible PDF format.

Online Image Viewer with Streaming
A critical feature in the Referring Physician Portal is the flash-based image viewer which allows clinicians to view patient studies online. It has all the commonly used tools to manipulate images and is backed by a streaming engine that sends only the image data you need, when you need it – saving bandwidth and decreasing study load times.

Patient Priors and more
The Referring Physician Portal has access to a patient's full report history and relevant prior exams from the same interface. This eliminates the need to switch between applications for report comparisons, which increases both referral volume and physician satisfaction.

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