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Halley Healthcare PowerServer Lite PACS

PowerServer Lite by RamSoft is an entry-level web-based PACS that delivers the perfect solution for imaging facilities who prefer a scaled down version of our full-feature PACS or for those who want to slim-down in the post-DRA world. For imaging facilities demanding an economical yet robust PACS solution, PowerServer Lite is your answer.

Robust, Reliable Web-based PACS at a Low Price

Sticking to the Essentials
PowerServer Lite remains faithful to what a web-based PACS should do and does it consistently and reliably. It is designed for facilities which need a fully functional PACS but don't require all the added features of a higher-end system. PowerServer Lite is standards compliant to HL7, DICOM and HIPAA, which means you are able to easily integrate our system into your existing healthcare IT infrastructure.

Rapid, Remote Deployment and Installation
PACS deployment doesn't have to be slow and expensive. Innovations in remote deployment technologies have allowed installations to be efficient and headache-free. Yet many PACS vendors still insist on having staff onsite for their deployments; overlooking remote technologies and ultimately increasing your costs. RamSoft has embraced remote deployment technologies and integrated them in every facet of our deployment process. This means that your facility can "go live" in a short period of time without RamSoft specialists ever setting foot onsite.

Unique to PowerServer Lite

Single coherent solution
All too often low-cost PACS solutions are built out of "bits and pieces" of various technologies. These patchwork systems don't provide the level of reliability, maintainability, and usability that today's healthcare facilities demand. PowerServer Lite is a streamlined PACS server application that runs on a single server and database; a smart and simple solution that has proven to be a success story not just for RamSoft, but for our customers, too.

Flexible and scaleable
An important aspect of the economical PowerServer Lite is that facilities are never locked into an entry-level solution. When a facility reaches a threshold where a more feature-rich PACS system is required, PowerServer Lite's unique upgrade path allows for a quick and seamless transition to RamSoft's PowerServer PACS or PowerServer RIS/PACS solutions.

Worry-free maintenance
Once deployed, PowerServer Lite is self-maintaining and does not require any of your IT staff to regularly monitor or actively perform maintenance tasks. Should any issues arise, our responsive customer support team is here to help.

Proven heritage
Entry-level does not mean lower quality. PowerServer Lite is built on the same platform as our market-leading PowerServer PACS solution. This means that you'll be getting the same core technology that ranked RamSoft as 3rd in the 2009 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services report for the Ambulatory PACS market segment.