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Halley Healthcare PowerServer RIS/PACS

Now More Than a PACS.

The PowerServer line of products by RamSoft has been expanded to encompass more and more information management technologies. This steady evolution of PACS functionality has yielded a full radiology RIS/PACS solution in the PowerServer RIS/PACS.

The PowerServer RIS/PACS has all the features typically found in both a PACS and RIS in one simple smart client application; running on a single server and database. It is a completely web-based solution that is licensed under a very competitive unlimited user and workstation model.

Single Web-application
Requiring staff to use numerous integrated systems – all with different interfaces – to perform day to day tasks is no longer necessary. Our unified PowerReader smart client offers all of the functionality you want in one user-friendly solution.

PowerServer RIS/PACS Features:

Single Database
With all of your data in one place and up to date, you'll never have to worry about data synchronization, HL7 RIS interfaces or RIS/PACS brokers.

Single Workflow
Driven by our powerful workflow engine for unlimited customization, you won't need to integrate different RIS, PACS, reporting, document management and faxing packages into your radiology workflow. Everything a typical radiology or teleradiology operation needs is built right into PowerServer RIS/PACS.

Value-Added Feature:

Physician Portal
The Referring Physician Portal allows your referring physicians to easily request exams online and view reports and images from anywhere at anytime. Using the latest in Web 2.0 technology, this cutting edge application provides unseen levels of interactivity while maintaining the ease of use you've come to expect from RamSoft.
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Some of the Additional PowerServer RIS/PACS Features:

Unified Resource and Access Management
Managing users, groups, facilities and related resources across several integrated systems is tedious— and may sometimes seem like an impossible task. Not anymore. PowerServer's unified resource and access management allows you to stay on top of things from one simple screen.

Patient Registration
PowerServer RIS/PACS makes patient registration simple. Complete patient demographic information is displayed on a single screen for quick verification. Insurance cards, prescriptions, and other documents may be scanned right into the study with a couple of simple clicks.

The PowerServer RIS/PACS scheduling interface is designed to provide an unforgettable end-user experience without sacrificing usability or functionality. This is why you will love how our "Outlook style" calendar meets the demands of a radiology environment.

Scheduling without all the work:

  • Context sensitive views which adjust to the appointment types
  • Resize appointments when browsing them in the day view
  • Fully customizable views and resources
  • Click and drag appointments between dates
  • Move appointments between resources

PowerServer RIS/PACS fully supports both CPT and ICD9 codes, associating them with scheduled appointments to simplify coding management for your staff.

  • Appointments get automatically coded based on the type of study
  • Technologists can modify the CPT codes based on procedures performed including contrast and supplies
  • Reports and charges can be viewed with a click
  • Saves your billing department a lot of time!

Easy Exporting for Billing
Take the leg work out of billing. PowerServer RIS/PACS can post charges, demographics, and insurance information to most popular billing software so that you don't have to.

Electronic Forms
Our electronic form technology makes it easy for you to eliminate the excess paper forms cluttering your facility; saving you substantial time, paperwork, and printing costs. Forms can be filled using a keyboard and mouse or with a PC tablet.

DICOM Modality Worklist
Once a patient is flagged as arrived, the DICOM modality worklist makes sure that the patient is queued up and everything is prepared for the exam. Each individual modality can have its own Worklist assuring that it will be ready and waiting for the next patient. The DICOM modality worklist eliminates the need for another piece of hardware to communicate between your modalities and your RIS/PACS. If your modality is worklist ready, then PowerServer RIS/PACS provides a complete solution.

Modality worklist is one of the best time saving features for technologists. PowerServer RIS/PACS sends patient and study information directly to the modality console so that the technologist can begin the procedure with a click. This feature eliminates double entry of patient demographics and study descriptions saving time and reducing human errors.