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PowerServer Tele Plusback to teleradiology…

Halley Healthcare PowerServer TELE PLUS

Full Featured Teleradiology Solution
With all the teleradiology functionality of our full-featured PowerServer RIS/PACS, PowerServer TELE PLUS is the total teleradiology solution for reaching out to imaging centers, radiology groups and hospitals that need to send studies outside of their facilities.

PowerServer TELE PLUS is one simple smart client application; running on a single server and database. It is a scalable, cost-effective and completely web-based teleradiology management solution with no restriction on annual study volume.

Key Features in PowerServer TELE PLUS:

Single Web-application
Requiring staff to use numerous integrated systems – all with different interfaces – to perform day to day tasks is no longer necessary. Our unified PowerReader smart client offers all of the functionality you want in one user-friendly solution.

Single Database
With all of your data in one place and up to date, you'll never have to worry about data synchronization, HL7 RIS interfaces or RIS/PACS brokers.

Single Workflow
Driven by our powerful workflow engine for unlimited customization, you won't need to integrate different RIS, PACS, reporting, document management and faxing packages into your radiology workflow. Everything a typical radiology or teleradiology operation needs is built right into PowerServer TELE PLUS.

Additional PowerServer TELE PLUS Features:

Procedure and Diagnosis Coding
PowerServer TELE PLUS fully supports both CPT and ICD9 codes, associating them with read studies to simplify coding management for your staff. Fee schedules are supported for both facility billing and professional only insurance billing.

  • Appointments get automatically coded based on the type of study
  • Reports and charges can be viewed with a click
  • Saves your billing department a lot of time!

Easy Exporting for Billing
Take the leg work out of billing. PowerServer TELE PLUS can post charges, demographics, and insurance information to most popular billing software so that you don't have to.

Electronic Forms
Our electronic form technology makes it easy for you to eliminate the excess paper forms cluttering your facility; saving you substantial time, paperwork, and printing costs. Forms can be filled using a keyboard and mouse or with a PC tablet.