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Carestream Health is a world leader in medical imaging, dental, molecular and industry for over 100 years, inheriting the X-ray business from Kodak. The deep knowledge of diagnostic imaging puts it in a privileged position to understand the typical needs of healthcare professionals and to help them efficiently ferried the departments of digital imaging devices to integrated solutions and networking. The first X-ray film produced in the world, the first dry laser printer, the first wireless DR detector: achievements are due to constant research that has led the company to record more than 1,000 patents.

Carestream Health continues to make history with digital solutions that are among the most appreciated in the sector, giving marked improvements of image quality, workflow and productivity in customer value. Carestream has been recognized in the award "Medical Company of the Year 2010" by Frost and Sullivan.

Halley Healthcare Prodotti Chimici CARESTREAM


Halley Healthcare Rivelatore e Integratore Kodak RP X-OMAT

KODAK RP X-OMAT Developer and Replenisher

The One High-Performance Developer for All Your Diagnostic Films.
KODAK RP X-OMAT developer and replenisher is our highest-quality, most versatile diagnostic film developer. Part of Carestream Health's medical imaging solutions, this low-odor solution is suitable for standard, rapid, and extended processing, this high-performance developer is specially formulated for superb results with films for: general radiography, laser imaging, application-specific imaging, oncology, mammography, and works with other manufacturers' general radiography films.

Halley Healthcare Rivelatore e Integratore Kodak X-OMAT LE+

KODAK X-OMAT LE+ Developer and Replenisher

Advanced KODAK X-OMAT LE+ Developer for T-GRAIN Emulsion Films Reduces Odor and Waste.
Kodak X-OMAT LE+ developer and replenisher is easier on the environment, easier to use, and easier to mix than other developers. It is designed for standard and rapid processing with Kodak T-Grain emulsion films.

Halley Healthcare Rivelatore e Integratore Kodak X-OMAT EXII

KODAK X-OMAT EX II Developer and Replenisher

KODAK X-OMAT EX II developer and replenisher yields superb image quality on the viewbox and helps users comply with even the most stringent environmental regulations. Highly recommended for processing KODAK MIN-R EV, KODAK MIN-R 2000, KODAK MIN-R 2000 and KODAK MIN-R L mammography films. Also has excellent results with all KODAK general radiography films.

Halley Healthcare Rivelatore e Integratore Kodak Medical X-Ray

KODAK Medical X-Ray Fixer and Replenisher

A KODAK Fixer at an Affordable Price.
KODAK medical x-ray fixer and replenisher provides the assurance of KODAK quality for the price-conscious buyer. Carestream Health manufactures this affordable fixer with the same quality standards used for high-performance processing chemicals.

Halley Healthcare Fissatore e Integratore Kodak RP X-OMAT LO

KODAK RP X-OMAT LO Fixer and Replenisher

Versatile Diagnostic Film Fixer Features Low Odor and High Performance. 
KODAK RP X-OMAT LO fixer and replenisher is formulated to enhance your working environment, image quality, and bottom line. Suitable for standard, rapid, extended, and manual processing, this versatile fixer is recommended for all KODAK diagnostic films, and other manufacturers' films.  Reduced odor, replenishment and environmental impact are among its perks.