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It is a Cloud computing system that includes a cluster of technologies that allow the use of remote hardware and software resources. It offers different services and allows the use, through an internet connection, of a RamSoft software platform through a web server. Architecture is highly reliable and physically located at the Data Center of Halley.

Halley Healthcare RAYVOLUTION

What is it?

Halley Healthcare rayvolution

RAYVOLUTION© is a service that allows the use of the innovative multi garrison RamSoft PowerServer RIS/PACS through a cloud computing system, without having to purchase bulky and expensive databases in the own center. In fact allows the use of remote hardware and software resources physically located at the Data Center of Halley Co., a structure with high reliability and safety.

What gives?

Halley Healthcare rayvolution

RAYVOLUTION© offers the possibility to use Power Server RIS/PACS, by connecting to the Internet. Guarantees:

  • A feature of network uptime of 99.9% and HIPAA compliance with SSL, TLS and VPN support, bandwidth of 100 Mbps and technical support 24x7x365
  • An unlimited number of workstations
  • Technical assistance on-line and on-site
  • Continuous updating of both software and hardware
  • A data storage without limits of space and time. A protected and secure store, neutral to the various garrisons
  • A Disaster Recovery system
  • A regular data backup system
  • A system which is evolving and adopting cutting-edge technologies to adapt to IT programs in continuous progress

For whom?

Halley Healthcare rayvolution

For Small Companies who want to save, because they only pay based on the actual number of tests / year

For Medium Companies that want to make upfront investments in hardware and software, or have no room for the necessary infrastructure.

For Large Companies that have critical needs of network applications for which it would take too costly infrastructure independent.

It is Secure

Halley Healthcare rayvolution

RAYVOLUTION© has a careful management of hardware, software and infrastructure, through a constant maintenance to ensure their safety. The computers are controlled by a chief administrator, "senior administrator", and his team, who are responsible for the proper functioning of the Data Center.

RAYVOLUTION© adopts a cluster of technological measures to provide continuity of IT services and restoring systems, data and infrastructure in case of emergency. To this end, systems and data are superabounded in a "secondary site" or "Disaster Recovery site," so that in case of disaster (earthquake, flood, terrorist attack ...) that makes the primary site systems unusable, you can start the activities on the secondary site as soon as possible and with minimal loss of data as possible.

For added security, regular backups are performed. The storage of backup media takes place in locations physically separate and distinct from the primary site for security reasons.

It's simple

Halley Healthcare rayvolution

…like to switch on a computer. We think of everything. Our specialists will come at your Center to do a careful study of the workflow and existing infrastructure, to customize the system to your specific needs and will plan a customized job profile for each operator. All staff will have a complete training.
For you, the only task to switch on your computer.

It is convenient

Halley Healthcare rayvolution

To interface your Center to RAYVOLUTION© you need just a small investment: a PC and the installation of Gateway Router/PowerCache.

  • Monthly rental will be invoiced on the base of the real number of tests carried out.
  • Data migration is probably the most challenging and expensive task in the process of updating the PACS. The first year the cost of transferring historical examinations of the system will be just € 0.15 each.
  • Images are stored in JPEG 2000 lossless format.