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At Nuance, we're the people who make voice work. We design and deliver intuitive technologies that help people live and work more intelligently. We provide the tools to inform, to connect, and to empower people to be more productive and creative. We give people more than just control over their communications. We give them command of their lives.

From speech technologies that help companies offer superior customer service experiences, to healthcare solutions that help physicians focus on patient care instead of documentation, to imaging technologies that convert physical documents into searchable digital files, our priority is creating solutions that put people in command.
That's what has made us the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions around the world.

Halley Healthcare Refertazione Vocale


Halley Healthcare Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional is a voice recognition system that integrated with PowerServer RIS/PACS is the ideal solution for the physician who wants to refer more quickly and effectively. It uses adaptive algorithms, that reconstruct the language based on the frequency of associations between words. It also has a medical vocabulary with phonetic pronunciations of many basic technical and scientific words, recognizing also the speaker's tone of voice. The interaction with the computer by voice allows to generate texts at speed three times faster than typing, with a precision up to 99%. What better way to increase the productivity and reduce business costs. The use of professional microphones improves the voice recognition's accuracy.

Halley Healthcare SpeechMike


The USB professional microphone SpeechMike brings the static dictation to a new level. It provides excellent speech recognition features, an antimicrobial surface for a better hygiene and an improved ergonomic for a confortable operation.

Halley Healthcare SpeechMike Air

SpeechMike Air

For those who don't accept compromises, SpeechMike Air is the dictation microphone number one in the world. By eliminating the limitations imposed by the wire, this microphone for very professional allows you to raise the level of desktop dictation. It is equipped with excellent speech recognition capabilities and a highly ergonomic shape that makes it comfortable to use. No need to settle for: to get the best, choose SpeechMike!