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Carestream Health is a world leader in medical imaging, dental, molecular and industry for over 100 years, inheriting the X-ray business from Kodak. The deep knowledge of diagnostic imaging puts it in a privileged position to understand the typical needs of healthcare professionals and to help them efficiently ferried the departments of digital imaging devices to integrated solutions and networking. The first X-ray film produced in the world, the first dry laser printer, the first wireless DR detector: achievements are due to constant research that has led the company to record more than 1,000 patents.

Carestream Health continues to make history with digital solutions that are among the most appreciated in the sector, giving marked improvements of image quality, workflow and productivity in customer value. Carestream has been recognized in the award "Medical Company of the Year 2010" by Frost and Sullivan.

Halley Healthcare CR CARESTREAM


Halley Healthcare Stampante Carestream DryView 5850 Laser Imager

Carestream DryView 5850 Laser Imager

Get superb image quality, tabletop convenience and outstanding reliability with this true-laser imager. Print high-resolution mammography and general radiography images with 508 ppi resolution every time. Two film trays allow on-demand printing in five film sizes. Available with CARESTREAM Remote Management Services for automatic distribution of software updates and real-time analysis and response to service issues.

  • Provides dedicated mammography printing from CR and FFDM modalities
  • Serves mixed-use applications such as CR for general radiography and occasional CR for mammography.
  • Supports applications including CR, DR, PACS, CT, MRI, US, NM, and Digital Fluoroscopy.
Halley Healthcare Stampante Carestream DryView 5800 Laser Imager System

Carestream DryView 5800 Laser Imager System

Print high-quality images from multiple distributed modalities on an affordable tabletop unit. Enjoy flexibile siting and laser-sharp image quality on five film sizes -- with two film sizes online at any time.

  • Print up to 75 large-format images per hour
  • Supports distributed applications including PACS, CT, MR, NM, US, CR and DR systems
  • Obtain superb image quality, performance and value regardless of space constraints
  • Use and maintain with ease with no daily or weekly maintenance required
Halley Healthcare Carestream DryView 6850 Laser Imager System

Carestream DryView 6850 Laser Imager System

Get exceptional performance and superb image quality for diagnosis, image sharing and film archiving. This laser imager includes CR, DR, full-field digital mammography printing capabilities, and much more.

  • Print up to 200 films per hour with super-sharp 650 ppi resolution
  • Utilize on-demand printing with three film drawers/five film sizes
  • Add an optional five-bin sorter for easy retrieval of films by modality